Journey of a Lifetime!

Shanghai, China and it’s Amazing Technology

Day 38 – Friday, February 24, 2012


GMT (Greenwich Mean Time or UTC) time: 00:05 2/24/2012

CST(China Standard Time) time: 8:05 am 2/24/2012

CST (Central USA) time: 6:05 pm 2/23/2012


Maglev Train, Jin Mao Tower and Lu Jai Zui Area 9:15 am – 1:00 pm



Ship docked in Shanghai (backwards again)


We were fortunate to dock in Shanghai today as the port has been closed the last two days because of fog.  So much security to go through…Dick’s cane is his most x-rayed possession! Thirty seven tour busses waiting for us.  Took an hour to get into the center of Shanghai…it’s all of those twenty-three million people going places. Our first stop was the very modern Maglev Train station for a trip to the airport and back at 239 mph! Did the 39 miles in seven minutes. Built in 2003 with German technology, it is now the fastest train in the world. What a smooth efficient way to travel! We must’ve passed the train going in the opposite direction in one tenth of a second!


Outside view of the train station:



View of the train inside the station:



How the train works:


Our guide’s English name was Darren, but they don’t have to register it as they do in Hong Kong.  He said he chose this name because it means small of stature but able to do great things. The Huangpu River divides the city…old on the East and modern on the west and smog everywhere.  Since 8,000 new cars are added to the roads every month, they are trying to control the exhaust by having cars with plates ending in even numbers drive on three days and odd numbers the other three days.

When asked about wages, he said until 1979, everyone received the same wage no matter what they did.  Now there is a great disparity with the minimum being 1,280 ($204 US Dollars) Yuan per month, the top could be as much as 33,000,000 ($5,239,773 US Dollars). In 1990 everything really opened up with the advance of technology.

Next we drove through the Pudong Financial District and the amount of beautiful skyscrapers puts the states to shame.


Shanghai Financial District


Shanghai Financial District at Night


Jin Mao Tower


We went up into the

Jin Mao Tower

one of the many skyscrapers.  Thirty-three seconds to go up 88 floors. Too much smog and haze to see much of anything.


Looking Down on the Atrium in the Jin Mao Tower




This is the view of the Jin Mao Tower atrium looking down on the inside.




CLICK HERE for some pictures of more unique buidings from Shanghai.

By contrast we then drove through the old sections made up of small shops and laundry hanging over the sidewalks. These streets were much more interesting.


Contrast between the Old City (foreground) and the New (background)



Nanjing Road Outdoor Mall

For the last couple of hours in town, we went walking through the street downtown that is blocked off to traffic – Nanjng Road Mall – to make an outdoor mall a mile long.


People, people, everywhere.  Dick wanted to buy a down jacket like everyone was wearing, but found out there are no big people in China. Inside the stores it is so noisy…everyone is shouting. 


McDonalds at the Nanjing Rd Outdoor Mall

We did have fun eating lunch at McDonalds.  We split a quarter pounder, fries and a coke for $2.00. Instead of drive thru, they had a walk thru.


Took a cab back to the shuttle bus to the ship. Darren told us not to take a red cab because they are owned by a private company and could cheat us…the rest are government run.

Had some good scallops in a citrus butter sauce on top of julienne vegetables, some good strawberry lemon thyme sorbet and a ménage à trois of desserts.  Then headed to bed early.


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